Would you like to add a new dimension to your ministry?
You will be equipped with both theory and practical examples.
• You will be able to use the things you have learned in practice.

Would you like to improve your communication skills?
• You will learn how to explain the basic facts in a few minutes or a few hours.
• You will be able to share your testimony and describe what does being Christian mean to you.
Would you like to share the good news clearly?
• You will learn a visual and interactive way of explaining the gospel.
• The course will prepare you for a debate with a person with basic education or a professor.

Do you want to see the Kingdom of God grow?
Do you pray for the non-believers and would you like to serve them?

If you have answered yes to at least one of the questions

Gospel CLEARLY is here for you.

Gospel CLEARLY will teach you to explain the gospel to those around you who want to (and need to) hear this good news clearly and in an interesting way.

The news about the rescue of people and the possibility of being reconciled with God, the gospel, has been one of the most significant messages for the full life of people for centuries. It is a pity that so few people are willing to listen to the whole message and there are even less who want to share it with their friends, co-workers, neighbours and other people.

  • Based on the Bible
  • Interactive teaching

    Do not expect long lectures, you will be able to try everything immediately.

  • Supplemented with practical examples

    The course is supplemented with a number of practical examples.

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